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We love what we do and we want your clients to love what you do

Our unique hybrid of Products and Services can bring your clients closer to what you do best.

Legal Technology Specialists

We have over 30 years’ experience designing, developing and delivering systems solutions within the legal sector. Our team have highly specialised skills spanning across development and technology platforms.
We consistently deliver high-quality solutions that centre around a key asset within a modern law firm: data.

Digital Strategy Partner

It seems everyone is talking about digital strategy and with good reason. How you present your firm to your clients through your digital strategy has huge potential to sell your firm in every interaction you have. Our unique mix of Products and Services helps you securely connect your data and processes to your clients through integration, reporting and data entry forms

Subscription Based Pricing

We believe in developing partnerships with clients that offer value for the long term. The Focis subscription model allows us to engage with you over a longer period, getting to know your systems and processes. By acting as an extension of your in house team we can significantly reduce engagement time on projects. Providing a much need overspill on those ‘drop everything’ requests but also ensuring you always connect your projects to clients goals.

Behind the scenes

Meet the CEO

Paul Ryan

About Paul Ryan

Paul has worked in Legal Technologoy for 30 years and specialising in workflow and data integration for 20.
"I've always believed in simple delivery first, get something live that people can see and get behind and then build from there."
"Focis came about becuase we saw the huge investment firms had made in great workflow tools and automation yet clients weren't benefitting from it directly. In some way building the client portal and bringing the client in to a firms automated processes is the logical next step.
And it's much more fun and much easier than the workflow part!"

Digital Strategy Services

How we connect you to your clients through data

Secure Hosting

We know that the biggest consideration you have in presenting data to your clients is security. That is why we are deligthed to announce Converge TS as our infrastrucutre partners. They host all our services in their secure GDPR compliant data centres.

Data Model

Unstructured data can be scary. Getting it under control and structured is an essential first step to all your digital projects. You probably haven't heard why a Data Model is important. Until Now.


Moving data between your business and commercial clients is quickly becoming mandatory not optional. Likewise you want to connect your processes and data to the growing list of third party providers that can improve your service to clients. We can help with that.


Yes we're talking Reporting, and not Data Insight. We can help you with that too but to start with you need a solid Reporting Platform built on a structured Data Model with fantastic dashboards that highlight how well you're doing.


Whether you need your staff to be able to generate quotes and kick off processes while out of the office or allow your clients to create files and quotes themselves, we can replace paper forms with digital forms. And hook them into your back end systems.


So you're integrating your data with that of your client, you're sending them reports which they can access from our hosted service point. Now they want to access their file anywhere at anytime. We can help with that too.

Dedicated Resource

Whether customising your digital products, developing a bespoke integration, designing a new case management solution or simply offering advice, your subscription includes dedicated days and resource. Just for you.

Our Pricing

Our experience and platform gives us confidence to deliver at a fixed price.
Of course everything is subject to a fair use policy and there may be times a report or integration is beyond what we anticipate here.
If that happens you can end your subscription at any time.



per month
  • 2 Days Per Month Dedicated Resource
  • £4,000 Per Integration
  • £4,000 Per Client Portal
  • £2,000 Per Data Entry Form
  • £2,000 Per Report



per month
  • 1 Days Per Week Dedicated Resource
  • £3,000 Per Integration
  • £3,000 Per Client Portal
  • £1,000 Per Data Entry Form
  • £1,000 Per Report



per month
  • 2 Days Per Week Dedicated Resource
  • £2,000 Per Integration
  • £2,000 Per Client Portal
  • £500 Per Data Entry Form
  • £500 Per Report

You're in good company

Focis may be new but we have been working with clients delivering all of these services for 10 years in our other roles and businesses

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